Music: Aralkum Live


Music: Aralkum Live

Music: Aralkum Live

"Aralkum Live" is a 35 minutes recorded video performance filmed and produced by Komeda Films for artist Galya Bisengalieva. The film had its Premiere at the Rewire 2021 music festival. The show centres on the themes of environmental devastation covered in her debut album ‘Aralkum’. Charting the gradual destruction of the Aral sea in Central Asia, her gorgeous but often unsettling compositions are brought to life with panoramic strings, contemplative drones and electronics.

Shooting Format Varicam 4K Camera
Duration 35 minutes

Written & Performed by Galya Bisengalieva
Percussion & Voice Louise Anna Duggan
Viola & Voice Alison D'Souza
Double Bass & Voice Gwendolyn Reed
Contrabass Flute Pavel Mansurov
Creative Director Sarah Hopper
Video Creative Director Damian Hale
Lighting Designer Matt Daw
Sound Engineer Simon Hendry
Video Tech Dan Bond

Film Director & Editor Nicola Sersale
Camera Operators Alex Grigoras, Hsien Yu Niu, Pavel Mansurov, Nico Sersale

Music Producer & Orchestrated bt Robert Ames 7 Ben Corrigan
Performed & Recorded at Lite Up Events, Portsmouth
All Tracks Published by One Little Independent


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