Teatro Andromeda

Komeda Films was filming a video on artist/architect Lorenzo Reina and his Teatro Andromeda in the middle of the Sicani Mountains in Sicily - one of this year's highlights in the Venice Biennale.


West Cork
Chamber Music
Festival 2018

Komeda Films will be following the West Cork Chamber Music Festival 2018; a music festival, established in 1995, that takes place in the town of Bantry, Ireland. It will run from 29th June - 8th July.


Komeda Films
@ AIR Studios

Komeda Films films a "Behind the Scenes" documentary for a new album by LA-based company Killer Tracks @ the AIR Studios with the London Contemporary Orchestra.


Letters From the Blue

Komeda Films is producing, in association with Shuffle Films, a feature documentary. "Letters from the Blue” is a documentary on penpalship with deathrow inmates. The objective is to examine the relationship from the perspective of those not in prison, understanding how it makes them feel and how it affects their daily life.


Jazz Harpischord

Komeda Films is working with conductor, harpsichordist and organist Patrick Ayrton producing a documentary about the recording of the Jazz Harpischord Concerto (1965). It will feature an interview with composer Joseph Horovitz.


Promo: String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam

Komeda Films has been documenting the first String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam producing several promotional videos with interviews at internationally-renowned string quartets.