Music Video: CARBS - Space Hopper


Music Video: CARBS - Space Hopper

Music Video: CARBS - Space Hopper

Official Music Video for "Space Hopper" by Robert Ames & Ben Corrigan.

Ben Corrigan , composer and successful podcast host, and Robert Ames , conductor, composer and curator, first crossed paths three years ago when Ames was a guest on Corrigan's podcast Excuse The Mess. Part of this podcast number was also that the guest always has to produce a track with the host within one day. It went so well – there were numerous overlaps, such as B. their mutual love for classical music and dance/electronica - that they kept getting together, e.g. Take, for example, William Basinskis' performance of The Disintegration Loops by the Manchester Camerata Chamber Orchestra.

"We've eaten at the same buffet for years," Corrigan says of the many parallels. “That will be the reason why our taste coincides on so many points. Also, there's a lot of overlap otherwise - because that dark element, that kind of complexity, those are things that you find in both worlds. That has always fascinated me.”

Ultimately, these projects and meetings and works were the breeding ground for the joint project CARBS , which picked up speed from the end of 2019 and the result of which is the album of the same name, which will be released on April 22nd. appears on Modern Recordings , flanked by the video for the track "Space Hopper".

Shooting Format Panasonic Varicam 4K
Duration 4 minutes

Director - Nico Sersale
Producer - Alisa Triitenko
Production Manager - Anastasia Savinova
Cinematographer Alex Grigoras
Gaffer - Hsien-Yu Niu
1st Assistant Camera Matteo Zenini
Animator - Veta Zelentsova
Art Director Gabriela Nemesionobre
Make-Up Artist - Madalina Malan
Editor - Nico Sersale
Colour Grader - Alex Grigoras
Bus Driver - Neil Whitehorn
Minibus driver / Spark - Michael Marren
Animal Wrangler - Sophie Corrigan


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